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You are not able to work and Social Security says you can?

Don't understand the rules that Social Security uses to deny you?

Did you receive a form letter informing you that you have been denied?

Benefits DENIED?

Over 28 years of experience representing claimants like you, who are frustrated with the Social Security disability claims process. We are here to assist you.

We will help you through this confusing and overwhelming process in order to obtain the benefits to which you may be entitled.

Large SSDI Firms Can Be Hard to Work With

If you are considering hiring a lawyer to help with your Social Security benefits claim, it’s important to understand who you are hiring. If you turn on your television you will see advertisements for large, nationwide companies that claim to be able to help. While these companies are technically law firms, you will likely never have any contact other than an 800 number, and you will likely be very difficult to speak directly to a lawyer if you are able to at all. When you hire J. Greg Tharp to handle your Social Security claim, you truly have an advocate on your side.

We are a Focused, Responsive Boutique Firm

We handle each case with personal attention, and you’ll either be speaking with one of our dedicated staff members or directly with Greg himself. We are familiar with your case and who you are. You are not just a number when you choose us to represent you. We understand that your access to Social Security Benefits is critical to your day to day life. We treat your case as an important priority, not just another file.

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Did you know that hiring a lawyer to represent you through your Social Security Benefits process requires no-up front money? You can start the process with a free initial consultation to learn more about my experience in SSDI law, but more importantly, how I can help you secure the benefits that you deserve.

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